OTT vs CTV Advertising: What’s Good for You?

OTT and CTV advertising has become the norm nowadays as users are changing habits on their TV consumption habits.

The Usability And User Experience In Content Web Pages

User experience and usability affect how the website audience’s needs & objectives are met. The first impression a website makes impacts whether the user will return.

Team Stories I Pradeep Dsouza

Pradeep is a Key Account Representative and he also has developed a new onboarding process and Mentorship Program! Read his story!

Together for better Ads

Magnum Capital is committed to being the leader in the Adtech sector at an international level, after the acquisition of Adpone and Unblockia

“The key to a smart website monetization strategy for Q4 is to have ad slots in high-performing positions, focus on video content, and implement an Adblock solution”

Alex Martínez, our CEO reveals the highlights of a website monetization strategy to get the most out of advertising inventory in this Q4 that is just around the corner.

Unblockia: the adblock traffic solution

Introducing Unblockia, our newest adblock traffic solution that helps building a strong and sustainable online future where the needs of users, publishers, and advertisers.