Adblock traffic, user insights, and new monetization options

Today ad blockers are used by 42.7 percent of internet users worldwide. And the technology has expanded beyond the desktop, it is also available for mobile devices and tablets.
So what is exactly an ad blocker and why is it so popular among users?

What are in-stream video ads

In-stream video ads are played when the user is viewing other material, making it more responsive to the content. Read all about this type of ads here!

How to improve conversion rates on your website

The conversion rate is one of the most important measurement goals of a website. Find out what it is about and what are its most relevant phases.

Our technology -and culture- led us here

Adpone has been recognized by Financial Times and Statista in first place as the Fastest Growing Advertising Company in Spain

What is CPM and how to calculate it

CPM or Cost per Thousand is one of the most used methods in digital marketing to calculate the cost of an ad. We tell you what it is and how to calculate it.

Team Stories I Anja Todorović

Get to know Anja, Key Account Representative for the European Central market.