Team Stories I Anja Todorović

Get to know Anja, Key Account Representative for the European Central market.

In this second interview of our team stories members, we will be getting to know better Anja Todorović, who is a Key Account Representative in the Central European market.

Get to know her better!


Hi, can you say a few words about you?

Hi, happy to answer your questions! I am an extrovert person who really loves marketing, dancing, eating, and learning languages. 


What makes you get up in the morning? 

A good playlist makes me jump out of bed in the morning.


Can you tell us more about your position at Adpone?

I am a Key Account Representative /Media Buyer whose daily tasks are searching for potential clients, reaching out to them, negotiating the best offer for both parties, and maintaining a good relationship with them.

My main focus is the market of the former Yugoslavia, like Serbia and Bosnia, among others, which is expanding due to the help of the advertising industry. I am very proud to say we established respective relationships with the United Media group or sites as,, etc.


A passion outside of work?

I am an artistic person who needs to express herself in different ways and one of them is for sure movement. So, I would say my biggest passion is dancing and right after that, I would probably say it is writing. 


What are your favorite things in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a city that has a soul! I love its architecture, nature and all the parks, from the sea to the mountains but most importantly, I really love how people in the streets are always smiling! 😃


What is your best accomplishment (professional or personal)?

Definitely, my best accomplishment so far is moving away from my own country and comfort zone, searching for new opportunities and ways to grow both professionally and personally.


Your best memory in the company?

I started working for Adpone only 3 months ago, but I already have incredible memories from the Christmas party and the company’s 6th anniversary. 


Why would you encourage someone to become an Account Manager, what are the perks of the job?

There are a lot of perks of being a Media Buyer, some of my favorites are learning how to manage your own time, tasks, and clients without being micromanaged. 


And finally, what do you like best about your job?

I love that my job encourages me to develop my communication skills, meet people with different backgrounds and discover the ad network industry across the world.


Your motto at life?

There is nothing but today 🙂