Unblockia: the adblock traffic solution

Introducing Unblockia, our newest adblock traffic solution that helps building a strong and sustainable online future where the needs of users, publishers, and advertisers.

It all started with a few first lines, back in 2015, when the history – and the code – of Adpone,  an Advertising technology company, began to be written.

Our company, founded by two entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the Ad Tech sector, was created with one clear goal in mind: to offer publishers and advertisers a high-performance solution with its in-house machine learning technology. They were looking to optimize online advertising in the most effective way and at the same time provide a healthy and transparent workplace where employees were happy to work. And so they did.

Adpone is the fastest growing Advertising company in Spain and it is well known for connecting advertisers and publishers in a direct, simple, and efficient way. Our technology has allowed thousands of advertisers to connect with their target audience on websites from all over the world. It has also allowed publishers to monetize their advertising inventory and obtain the maximum possible profit while offering pleasant web navigation.

However, being at the forefront takes hard work and calls for innovative ideas. We knew that listening to our clients and being attentive to what they asked for was the main key to delivering the best results. Every member of the company is an online content consumer and each one of us is aware of the importance of a light and non-intrusive ad experience. Additionally, we were conscious that publishers were facing a big challenge due to the growing use of adblockers.

This is when our Executive team created Unblockia, a solution that tackles the invasive ads user experience and the publishers’ lost revenue created by Adblock extension usage.

Unblockia, an Adpone Company, is specialized in monetizing ad inventory from Adblock traffic. It encourages a more transparent and respectful interaction between publishers, advertisers, and users while keeping the Internet safe and free. They do this by providing publishers and advertisers with smart technology to deliver a better online experience to their users through Acceptable Ads.

Acceptable Ads are ads that aren’t intrusive or annoying. They are respectful, don’t interfere with content, and are clearly labeled with the word “advertisement” or its equivalent. These ads are created with users in mind and are presented in noninvasive ad formats that they are happy to see. At the same time, these ads allow publishers to start recovering the revenue they were losing due to ad blockers.

Since 2009 the adoption of ad blockers has been increasing. This is undoubtedly a generational issue. Millennials, centennials, generations Z and X, want to be exposed just to certain types of ads. Consequently, publishers are facing the challenge of maintaining their websites profitable and most of them fail at it. Undoubtedly, new solutions like Unblockia are essential to building a strong and sustainable online future where the needs of users, publishers, and advertisers meet.